Over 20 years Curcon has been implementing bigger building projects on Curaçao. Curcon offers a total package that satisfies the needs of her clients from start to delivery. Keep innovating and developing is her successful strategy.

Building contractor

Curcon is a building company in the broadest sense. Since her establishment on December 15th 1988 Curcon has gained a lot of experience in constructing, rebuilding and renovating of hotels, housing and complexes. Along the way Curcon became well qualified for hydraulic engineering projects too.


Constant development of knowledge and improvement of building techniques – that is the successful strategy of Curcon. This is accomplished by continuous investment in know-how, equipment and materials. In this way Curcon delivers excellent products and distinguishes herself from competing companies.

Total package

Curcon is more than a building company. She offers her clients turnkey projects. All provisions like water supply, air-conditioning and electrical installations are delivered ready for immediate use.

To implement such turnkey projects Curcon involves her sister companies and regular subcontractors. They are all familiar with Curcon’s working methods and meet her high quality standards.